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Austria (for financially independent persons)

Austria residency


Residence: Austria (passport - 186 territories of visa-free entry)

Residence permit:

  • as a result of the distribution of quotas for a period of 1 year with an extension for another year and then for 3 years,
  • without the right to work,
  • without the right to family reunification,
  • status of permanent residence after 5 years (certificate of knowledge of the German language B1),
  • the possibility of applying for citizenship after 6 years (certificate of knowledge of the German language B2),
  • dual citizenship is possible in special cases.

Conditions for residence permit obtaining:

  • availability of quota for each family member,
  • sufficient financial resources,
  • housing in Austria (long term rental or property),
  • medical insurance (all types of medical risks),
  • certificate of knowledge of the German language A1 or a document replacing it.


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